C&T was established in 1992 by two master craftsmen, Carlos and Tony, who have over 20 years’ manufacturing experience in the world-renowned musical instrument companies. Decades ago, when other companies exerted themselves to minimize cost and outsource production, Carlos and Tony chose to set up a highly integrated production line to make high quality saxophones for professional musicians. Of high ideals, Carlos and Tony established an in-house production factory in southern Taiwan, and the brand name C&T was from the initials of two founders.

A perfect performance of an orchestra relies on all players’ synchronization of the sounds under the guidance of the conductor. Similarly, every component, manufacturing procedure and final adjustment is crucial to make an excellent saxophone. The pitch, intonation, and handling of an excellent saxophone should be balanced to meet the player’s requirements. The main material of saxophones is copper brass which is flexible to stretch or shrink in production by heating. Hence, we believe that the assembling, key making and soldering should be fully cooperated to build the finest saxophone. Our aim is to integrate the main flow in one stop for superb intonation, precise pitch and great handling, which are exactly the qualities demanded by every professional musician.